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Oct 8, 2012 10:30am PDT
intrusion into the pulpit. >> i don't need the government protecting me from speech, i am a mature free-thinking american capable of making my own rational decisions about which candidate my priest said got wants know pick. (laughter) and, folks, it should not stop there, i want my religious leaders to weigh in on everything. judicial races, school board elections, bond issues, the ballot initiative creating a dedicated traffic signal in the left turn lane in front of the arby's because lo having to go all the way down to maple, make a right and then take that round about just to get back to the drive through doth make the angels weep. i mean, can i get an amen? (audience reacts) here to give me another amen-- maybe as good as that one-- is one of the bold leaders of pulpit freedom sunday, a man with the parables and the pair of balls. pastor jim garlow. pastor jim, thanks so much for coming. (cheers and applause) how many years have been doing this? >> this is the fifth year. >> stephen: so you guys have been basically trying to poke the hornet's nest of the i.r.s. for five years so th
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Oct 11, 2012 11:30pm PDT
symphonies or museums or fill tropic projects. he said why should i give my money to the government to spend on what the government wants. i self tax myself and spend my money on rick santorum. >> stephen: if you watched the primaries rick santorum was a tax on all of us. >> was it money well spent? >> stephen: i like that idea. he said by giving to money by charity it's i tax myself. >> it's a self tax. it's better than having the government spend money because the government is not as smart as the super rich which spend money the way they want which is better for all of us. >> stephen: we may not need roads or schools but we need the ballet. >> you might not need air traffic controllers because you might have a private jet. >> stephen: i do have i -- i have a private jet. >> there you go. >> stephen: what upset me most is i'm not one of the super rich. >> how much do you make? >> stephen:ly not tell you. the super rich we're talking about is the .001% and higher. >> and up. >> stephen: the 1%eves like me are the 99% compared to those people. >> exact it will right. >> stephen: should i be
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Oct 8, 2012 11:30pm PDT
yank the government teat out of their mouths, get off the couch for 40 hours a week, why? i say follow the money because i found out that right around the time those people got those jobs, they started getting paid. (laughter) and just where does that money come from? right out of the pockets of the job create evers. how's that for your socialist redistribution of wealth. folks, it's called class warfare, and the president loves it. it's all laid out in a new recent new yorker article. now i try hard not to read "the new yorker", because i never win their cartoon caption contest. that couple sleeping in the graveyard, thanks a lot, gay marriage. never. the last week i made an exception because "the new yorker" had a great piece of a new vilified underclass. the rich. and the signs of this oppression are everywhere, folks. for instance, in the post crass stock market recovery the top 1% of earners only got 93% of the gains. what happened to that other 7%, mr. president? did it go for birth control for the muslim brotherhood? solyndra stock option for the black panthers? where? obama's b
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)